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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mr. South Africa for Mahunt Int’l and Mister International 2012

Frank Spillman, Manhunt International SA 2012

South Africa has elected its representatives for two of the planet’s main beauty pageants: Manhunt International and Mister International.

Frank Spillman (26) from Cape Town has been named Manhunt International SA 2012 and will compete at the Manhunt International pageant in November. Frank has a commerce degree from the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, and is also a certified personal trainer. In 2011 he was named the winner of the Rapport Model contest.

Daniel Wessels, Mister International SA 2012

Daniel Wessels (22) from Durban has been named Mister International SA 2012 and will compete at the Mister International pageant in Thailand on 24 November. Daniel is a biokinetics student and fitness model. He was the runner-up in the televised search for the lead in the SA production of High School Musical in 2008 and was also a Top 30 finalist in SA Idols in 2010.

Mister International 2012 will happen in Thailand

For the second consecutive year, Mister International will happen in Thai soil. The final event, when Brazil’s Cesar Curti will crown his successor, will happen on November 24, in Bangkok.

“I am very pleased to once again announce the selection of Thailand as the host site for the MISTER INTERNATIONAL Pageant,” said Alan Sim, the pageant’s promoter. “Not only is Thailand a breathtaking country that is rich in history and culture, it has been a great host for our last pageant. We will have 50 of the most handsome men in the world competing in the event”, he complemented.

Mister International is the 3rd most important men’s beauty competition on the planet.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Model and actor Karl Matthew

Watch out for this hunk model and actor in the upcoming
Indie fim "Kapa" directed by GA Villafuerte and produced by
Sunflower films.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hot boy nổi loạn 2011 - Bản đẹp - Full

Lost in Paradise is a 2011 Vietnamese drama film directed by Vũ Ngọc Đãng. Its original title is Rebellious Hot Boy and the Story of Cười, the Prostitute and the Duck (Hot boy nổi loạn và câu chuyện về thằng Cười, cô gái điếm và con vịt), shortened to Rebellious Hot Boy (Hot boy nổi loạn) or simply Hot Boy. The film is set in Saigon and has two separate story lines. The first depicts a love triangle between three male prostitutes, Lam, Khôi and Đông. The second concerns a mentally-handicapped man, Cười, his friendship with Hạnh, a prostitute, and his attempts to raise a duckling. The film was a strong critical and commercial success in Vietnam. It has been shown at several international festivals, from which it garnered more mixed reviews. In particular its portrayal of homosexuality has been noted as ground breaking within the context of Vietnamese cinema.

The film is set in Saigon, where Khôi arrives from Nha Trang after being disowned by his family on account of his homosexuality. Đông befriends him and invites him to share an apartment along with Lam, who is -unbeknownst to Khôi- Đông's lover. At the apartment, Đông and Lam rob him of his money and belongings; Đông in turn abandons Lam and flees with the cash. Lam later happens upon an injured Khôi sleeping rough. In pity he returns the latter's clothes and identity papers and after a tentative reconciliation the two become friends and ultimately lovers. Lam returns to his life as a prostitute while Khôi attempts to work as a bookseller. A returning, manipulative Đông dogs the couple which culminates in Lam wounding his antagonist with a stab to the foot. Khôi eventually leaves Lam because of the latter's work as a prostitute. An increasingly desperate Lam takes to robbing his clients at knife-point; a gang of men in the employ of one such victim kills Lam at the film's climax.

The film’s second plot concerns a mentally-handicapped man named Cười and his endeavors to raise a duckling, while intermittently attempting to befriend a prostitute, Hạnh. This enrages her pimp who takes to beating both as a deterrent. The initially hostile Hạnh warms to Cười as his duckling grows. At the film’s close, the pimp's threat to eat Cười's duck prompts Hạnh to club her and an enforcer to death.